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Developing software and making multimedia stuff is my passion

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I give everyone the possibility to enjoy all my projects, from past to the future

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Projects Archives

Note: You may find more archived projects on Minteck's GitHub archives.

Download the old of the oldest software I made. Some of this software is proprietary and you can't change or distribute it without my consent. Active projects are not listed here and can be downloaded from their respective page.

Titou Shell · Alternative shell simulator for Windows Vista and newer07/2018 Minteck 1 · The first Minteck Projects website12/2018 Horizon · General-purpose Discord bot02/2019 Minteck Projects Account/Notes · Online notes syncing service04/2019 Minteck Projects Web Server · JavaScript-powered lightweight Web server04/2019 Unreleased Minteck 3 · The third Minteck Projects website, introducing a new rock-solid rendering engine05/2019 Neutron 2 · Second stable Neutron release09/2019 Neutron Store (CMS Store) · Optional features store for legacy versions of Neutron10/2019 Auto-uptime · Website pinging service11/2019 pWrite Text Editor · Open-source word processor powered by Web technologies11/2019 BetterSearch · Meta-search engine with AI-powered analysis12/2019 Minteck 5 · Last Minteck Projects website to use the v3 rendering engine12/2019 Tyson Bots · Discord and Web-based chatbot powered by Google Dialogflow02/2020 Tyson Fans · Sub-group from Minteck Projects that tributes to Tyson Tan02/2020 Auto-uptime Second Edition · Website pinging service, new generation03/2020 Future Desktop · A desktop environment for Linux systems using Web technologies04/2020 Unreleased Minteck 6 (Project Polymer 3) · New Minteck Projects website project, featuring a new modular rendering engine04/2020 Unreleased Minteck Projects WebSpace · Desktop application for Minteck Projects websites06/2020 Unreleased Game Launcher · Simple game and app launcher for Linux07/2020 PlasmaWalls · Synced with Git, website that helps download KDE Plasma's wallpapers02/2021

Project start dates are estimated and cannot always be accurate