Neutron, your future website designer

Neutron is software created so that you can easily manage one or more websites without any required knowledge. Whether you are developer or not, Neutron is the best way to have a ready-to-go website.

Neutron is released under the GNU General Public License version 3, which means you can contribute to the project and improve it.

Run Neutron on the cloud New!

Neutron 10 introduces support for a new much wanted technology: Neutron Cloud. The concept is simple: you create, we host. Here are the 5 top points for choosing Neutron Cloud instead of using Neutron on-premises:

Neutron Cloud is currently available after registration on HERE. We limit registration to prevent abuse and know how you intend to use your Neutron Cloud website. If you already have a website running Neutron on your own server, you can send us the files and we migrate your website!

Restrictions apply, click here to see
  • The Neutron Cloud service is reserved only for individuals and non-profit organizations. Select professional and commercial users may get access to Neutron Cloud.
  • Access to Neutron Cloud does not give additional support priority over regular Neutron users.
  • Website traffic is limited to 250 unique users (counted using IP address) per month
  • Website storage is soft-limited to 100 MiB; the website may be suspended if you exceed this limit
  • Minimal uptime is guaranteed according to the following schedule:
    • 25% uptime on July and August (due to yearly maintenances)
    • 80% uptime from March to May (due to maintenances)
    • 85% uptime in June (due to high temperatures)
    • 99% uptime from September to February
    • In case of an extended maintenance period, you will be notified on the email address you entered when you registered to Neutron Cloud.

Run Neutron on your own hardware

Download the package and put it in your Web server's root. You will need the Apache HTTP Server with at least PHP 7.4 and the GD library.