Hello, I'm Minteck

— Didn't somepony even tell you friendship is magic? —

Welcome to my personal shelter!


The kind of weird stuff I do on my free time

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So, you want to have a chat? With me? Nice! Come say hi.

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Oh no, you don't know me! Don't worry, we can solve that!

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On the same month ...

... PinPages version 20.08 (2020), a massive update, is officially released

(PinPages was a social network project similar to Twitter or Facebook)

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About Me


French is my mother language, and I am fluent in English.


I sometimes experiment with technological stuff on my free time


All the stuff I did is kept on my website, whether it's maintained or not.

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Who am I?

I am a French pegasister.

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We've come a long way

I've been doing techy stuff for the last 9 years now, that's loooong!

Privacy is a right!

I strive to respect people's privacy, and try not to use services or applications that violate your privacy.