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Furry fandom

I am active in the furry community (also made a lot of friends there)

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Developing software and making multimedia stuff is my passion

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I give everyone the possibility to enjoy all my projects, from past to the future

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I'm a furry, so what?

I have been an active member of the furry fandom since February 2021, and by "active" I mean "really active: I read every tweet from furries I follow, I hang out on Reddit and I celebrate the fursuit friday every week (even though I don't own a fursuit).

I'm supported by and have supported many furries around the world, even just saying things like "This is cute" or "Keep it up!" means a lot to people (and to me when they say thanks).

The furry fandom helped me make a lot of friends that live everywhere on the planet; including some that I consider my best friends. I find it kind of amazing to chat with people without even knowing how they look like.

My top goal in my tiny furry life is to go to Eurofurence and maybe get me a fursuit someday, who knows?

To summarize, if you are interested learning more about what I do, you could check out my activity on Reddit (I'm not only on the r/furry subreddit but more generally in anything that interests me) or my tweets on Twitter